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Novelties are simply the unique items that you can use while
camping or at home. They bring the old style of living back a little bit at a time.
All items are made of wrought iron.

Please note that all shipping is calculated by weight and zone.

Flag Pole Holder

Display your flag at your camp, in front of your house, carry it in a parade then use
this to hold it so you don't have to. Made from ½" round stock--33" tall--inside diameter nearly 2"
$21.03 plus shipping

Single Gun Stand

With hook to hang pouch 46” high.
Gun and pouch are for display purpose only. Shipping wt. = Call
$29.81 plus shipping

Double Gun Stand

Same as single, but for two guns & pouches rather than one . Shipping wt. = Call
$34.86 plus shipping

Small Lantern Stand

Made from 3/8” square stock 48” tall (lantern not included)
$29.35 plus shipping

Large Lantern Stand

Made from ½” square stock 62” tall
Shipping wt. = ***oversize item - call or email us*** (Lantern not included)
$31.68 plus shipping

Rushlight (special order)

A typical primitive lighting method, use the pliers-like pinchers to
secure a burning rush, or put a candle in the candle socket for special occasions.
Reproduced from pictures found in Early American Antique Country Furnishings by George Neumann,
Fits candles 3/4" diameter Average height 13"
$79.44 plus shipping

Betty Lamp (Special Order)

An 18th century oil lamp
Includes the hanger, a wick, and the pick for adjusting the wick.
Poke wick out just enough to be lit (note picture at left).
Can burn vegetable oil or olive oil. Reproduced from pictures found in
Colonial Wrought Iron: the Sorber Collection by Don Plummer.
$119.44 plus shipping

Tinder Box Candle Holder

Store your fire starting materials inside and put
your candle in the holder on top (candle not included).
These are made from the 4” tins.
They have been modified to hold a
candle. The candle holder can be removed
from the top and stored inside the tin
(as seen in the picture at the right).
A short candle could also be stored within the
tin. These come in 2 styles, one with
a handle and one without a handle. Please
indicate with your order whether you
prefer it with or without a handle.
$10.75 plus shipping

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